Hannah Sandling is a FAKE

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I am sick and tired of this ZZZZZ-list celebrity Hannah Sandling trying to get fake stories about herself published in the paper. Smell the coffee darlink: nobody wants to see your chav gob on TV. Couple of examples:

a) She was flying first class to Urugay and the person in the seat next to her had a heart attack and died: Good golly Miss Molly. Really? No of course not; nobody died on that flight

b) During her wedding vows the vicar's false teeth came out and landed on the wedding cake. Hilarious, but, you guessed it, another lie

c) She went hiking in the Spanish mountains with her mum and broke her leg. So sorry to read this, except that she didn't of course

d) Selfridges wouldn't allow her in because she had her pooch with her, so she went to Wagging Tails instead. Nice story, except she doesn't have dog.

e) Etc etc etc: How f**cking boring fo you have to be to have to rely on made up stories about yourself.

Get a life, Hannah. And fall in love with someone you really do fall in love with, and not because they are "rich".

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London, London, United Kingdom #885587

Can't sing, can't dance, can't act, can't do anything, but wanna be a 'celeb'.Not working?

Let's make up some stories about myself to make myself really really interesting.Pathetic.


The dirty *** would get on her knees and blow the entire al-Quaeda High Command, if there was a Gucci hanbag in it for the ***.


She's a golddigger, married to some rich darkie from Brazil. Yikes.


She doesn't have much of a heart either; she knocked a neighbour off her bicycle with her car breaking the neighbour's hip; she then threatened to sue her for the damage to her car.

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